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Does the Tugboat RDA 2.0 live up to the hype?


So I just got the new Tugboat RDA from Vivid Smoke. I have to say this thing is simply amazing.

There are some key improvements up from the first version which I really like. There's way more airflow now which is a big deciding factor in me purchasing this for my collection. The Stillaire RDA used to be my favorite, but the Tugboat has quickly replaced it! There's also a deeper juice well which is the main reason I switched.

There are several places that have the Tugboat RDA in stock so do your research and get one. You won't be disappointed.

Electronic cigarettes, on the flip side, have a clean and cool hit that's not hard and was made to fill your nicotine cravings, not your cravings for smoking.

It may take a number of different forms of cigarette and lots of different e-juice flavors, but once you find your favorite e-cig and e-juice, you have a great chance of kissing your smokes farewell!

Dad told me about cigarette and how they helped him stop, and he has attempted repeatedly to stop smoking to.

At first I thought it tasted a little funny, but after mixing up some of the flavors, I discovered the flavor to be gratifying, but the satisfaction a cigarette that was real wasn't there. Myself didn't believe it was going to work, although it felt refreshing and clean. Myself set out to get the very best electronic cigarette. It required effort, some time, and some money but it had been well worthwhile in the end.

Myself continued to smoke to get a couple of weeks after I needed to, but used my e-cig after I found it suitable.

After myself changed to electronic cigarettes, I desired buddies and my wife to try them. Myself found all them interested but skeptical. The low-cost disposable electronic cigarettes had attempted but failed to find the gratification they were seeking.

After having a couple of months, I got tired of hearing my wife cough. It was starting to frighten me and her, so I made my sister-in-law a bet and her. I gave them both an e-go some distinct flavors of e and electronic cigarette -juice and added a friendly bonus wager of $100 in lottery tickets to whoever smoked the least during the 10 day period.

In 10 days, I did not get any of my cash back! They continue using their e-cigarette to today. There are many motives and ways to quit smoking. Some people use patches, drugs, gum, hypnosis, and some quit smoking cold turkey. There are several great ways to stop smoking and that I suggest that you try as many methods as you can that will help you cease. E cigarettes will not be a stop smoking merchandise and only offer an alternative to smoking.

I had tried to quit smoking many times. I tried going the pill, the transdermal patch, the gum, hypnosis, cold turkey, and also a mild kind of shock therapy utilizing a rubberband on my wrist. I could not quit. I despised cigarettes, but I did not have the willpower to quit using them. I felt poor and despondent. But when I located electronic cigarettes, everything changed.

I cannot smoke cigarettes anymore. I cannot bear the smell of a cigarette. In case the motorist before me is smoking, I could smell it. I will smell cigarettes now. I am able to smell things that are lots of since I changed to electronic cigarettes. I smell the coffee each day the rain, and mushrooms in the yard.

Once in a while I will catch a cigarette from a friend and try and smoke it. I can not get more than 3 puffs before I trash it. It's gross, and I despise them. I think I do it to prove to myself that I have eventually stop. A test like that always finished with me smoking again, before I started using e-cigs. It makes myself happy and sick I've an e-cigarette.

Nearly everybody I know who uses cigarette, either smokes 60%-90% less or uses them only. (Disclaimer: e-cigarettes aren't a stop smoking device)

The biggest difference between an e-cigarette and a standard cig is how a normal smoke has a distinct burnt tobacco flavor and "hit" that smokers associate with all the satisfaction of smoking.

The New Vapor Flask DNA30

Here's a cool mod that might be just the perfect travel companion for any vaper. This is the Vapor Flask.

The Vapor Flask is pretty much what it sounds like. The form factor is really cool on this one. It houses 2 18650 batteries side by side with a slight curve in the configuration. This makes it nice to slip in a coat pocket or even pant pocket and comfortable retrieve your vape for immediate use on the go.

The Vapor Flask features a DNA30 chip from Evolv. This should be plenty of power depending on what kind of a build you've got on here.

Evolv are really the best chip maker in the business so you're going to have a nice mod that will last for years with the Flask.

Get yours today!